Ford Brings Help to Puerto Rico

Ford has brought some much-needed help to the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was ravaged earlier in 2017 by a series of devastating hurricanes and tropical storms. These storms hit the United States and Puerto Rico hard, and they were some of the worst the U.S. has ever seen. Besides Puerto Rico, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida were all hit pretty hard.

However, Puerto Rico has not yet recovered from the storm damages. In fact, the island is still in much disarray. Many people are still without power, and the entire island is struggling. Basic necessities are scarce in some areas. This has caused incredible people for the people living on the island.

While many groups, companies, and organizations have already donated their time and money to repair the island, it, unfortunately, hasn’t been enough. However, Ford has decided to ramp up its contribution into the island and its healing. The company has just invested over $1.2 million into Puerto Rico in order to provide food and other aide to the communities there.

Likely the most important piece of Ford’s contribution is its vehicles. The company has sent three, an F-150 and two Transit Connect cargo vans, to be used on the island. Their purpose is important; they will function as mobile resource centers. This way, individuals who live far away from urban areas where help is located can receive the aide they need. Over time, these mobile resource centers could go a long way to helping the people of Puerto Rico.

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