Advanced Cap Built to Save Lives

Have you ever felt like you might be falling asleep behind the wheel of an automobile? This is a common problem that plagues many drivers every year. Long hours and a lack of sleep can lead to disastrous results. Many crashes each year are attributed to drivers dozing off behind the wheel. Ford has just introduced a new technology that could combat these accidents.

This revolutionary new technology comes in the form of the Alert Cap. The baseball cap seems simple enough on the outside, but it contains technology that could save a driver’s life. The cap is outfitted with sensors and a gyroscope that allow it to detect when a driver is dozing off. If the driver begins to do so, the cap will light up, emit a noise, and vibrate. The combination of these three alerts should jolt the driver awake.

The Alert Cap could end up being very important to the trucking industry. Truckers often work very long hours and dump thousands of miles onto their vehicles. That is why Ford has been targeting truckers with its new cap, particularly in Brazil. The country features a large number of truckers. However, the job is considered dangerous in the country.

This is because many of Brazilian’s truckers end up getting into accidents. In fact, 11% of Brazilian lorry drivers have been in an accident within the last two years. This number is alarming, and it is safe to say that a significant portion of these accidents were due to a driver falling asleep at the wheel. With Alert Cap, Ford may be able to greatly reduce this percentage.

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