Ford to Use Microsoft HoloLens

In the last few years, Ford has made significant strides in their technological capabilities. The company has pushed forward and remained one of the most advanced automobile companies. This is in line with their history; Ford has always strived for a more advanced vehicle. Now, using a new Microsoft technology, this will be easier for Ford.

Ford has recently started work with Microsoft HoloLens. HoloLens is a virtual reality headset. The technology allows Ford workers to visually imagine a vehicle (or individual parts) in front of them. The use of this technology allows Ford employees to quickly make changes and adjustments that would take considerable time on a physical model.

The use of this new technology could open quite a few doors for Ford. The technology will allow workers to conduct their experiments and design changes at a record pace. Additionally, the technology should allow workers greater opportunity for collaboration. Ford employees from across the globe can work on the same project, without being on site.

Microsoft HoloLens seems like a technology taken from the future. However, futuristic technologies like HoloLens appear to be the future for automotive companies. For example, Ford has also been doing significant work with autonomous vehicles. They have even begun moderate testing on public roads. Technology is rapidly advancing and so are vehicles. Technologies like HoloLens will likely play an important part in the future of the industry.

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