Ford Turns to Mobile Farming

Ford has long been a staple of the automotive industry, both at home, and across the entire globe. However, in recent years the company has moved itself into more varied disciplines. It is now no longer possible to purely call Ford an automaker. While they still make some of the best vehicles on the road, the company is now responsible for so much more.

There are many new technologies and projects that Ford is working on. These projects often center around mobility, and the future of it. One such venture that the company has undertaken is the Ford Mobile Farm. The farm, developed with the help of Cass Community Social Services, is tasked with providing food for residents of Detroit.

The farm features two pieces; a production end and an educational one. For the production side, Ford chose an aquaponics garden setup. The garden is designed in a 40-foot shipping container. The garden, which will feature 52 harvests a year, should provide as much food as nearly two acres of land.

Ford has become a large part of education in many parts of the U.S. as well as the world. The company wishes to continue its part in furthering the educations of the youths of Detroit. A F-150, with a garden planted in its pickup bed, will tour local schools, providing hands-on education. Ford’s new program will provide both food and knowledge for residents of Detroit.

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