Ford Sets GoRide Service Into Motion

In recent years, Ford has painted themselves as more than just an automotive manufacturer. Throughout the company’s history, Ford has always done more than just produce vehicles. However, the company has recently been increasing the services it offers. One of these new services is called GoRide.

Available to patients in the Beaumont Health Network in Southeast Michigan, GoRide is a non-emergency medical transportation service. When dealing with a health issue or injury, travelling to a doctor’s appointment can be very challenging. In some cases, it would be impossible for a patient to get themselves to a medical professional on their own.

This is where Ford’s new service comes in. The GoRide service, outfitted with Ford Transit vans, will pick up patients and take them to and from their medical appointment. The service is built to help people in a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s their medical condition, or just a lack of transportation, that inhibits a patient’s ability to make it to their appointment, GoRide will help them get there.

Though the service is still in its infant stages, Ford has plans to grow GoRide through the year. GoRide currently has 15 vans in its fleet, and that number may grow by 60 by the end of 2018. With a large section of the population aging, the U.S. is in need of non-emergency medical transportation, and Ford has answered the call.

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