Watch The Ford Fiesta ST Speed Through Underground Tunnels

In a recent commercial for Ford Europe, the Ford Fiesta ST took on an all-new type of terrain that some may not associate with Ford’s smallest performance vehicle — a series of treacherous, underground tunnels.

The video was shot 400 meters below ground in a European salt mine with the help of World Rallycross Championship driver Elfyn Evans, who was behind the wheel.

The commercial shows the Fiesta ST ripping through dirt and salt as it maneuvers through the 37-mile network of underground tunnels. It can be seen drifting and tearing through the mine at high speeds, showing a whole new side of the Ford Fiesta ST.

Evans said that the salt was very similar to gravel and said the mine was a great place to experience the full capabilities of the new Ford Fiesta ST.

“The salt is actually like fine gravel to drive on, quite slippery to be honest, especially on road tyres,” he said. “You expect it to be claustrophobic but actually it’s quite the opposite, a great place to really enjoy the new Fiesta ST.”

The video was part of a Ford series that explores “Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads.” The series shows Ford’s whole lineup of performance vehicles tackling some of Europe’s most unique driving locations like the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway and even the French Alps.

Leo Roeks, the director of Ford Performance Europe, said that the dramatic effect of the tunnels and the distinctive driving surface they providing was the prime reasoning behind choosing them as the location for the shoot.

“The drama of the tunnels and the chance to show off Fiesta ST’s ability on a different type of surface were a big part of choosing this unique location,” said Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director. “It wasn’t a typical race track, it was somewhere we could drive this great car to its full potential.”

You can watch the Fiesta ST drive through the salt mine below.

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