New Special Edition SUVs

Over time, the automotive market continually changes and adapts. Most of these changes are as a result of consumer interest and preference. In recent years, the industry has shifted heavily towards further development of the SUV field. This is because consumers are actively choosing SUVs over cars. The larger space and greater options afforded by SUVs are two of the main reasons for this.

Ford is among the automotive companies pushing SUVs forward and putting the vehicles at the top of the list. In developing the company’s SUV lineup further, Ford has announced four new special edition SUVs. The company debuted these special SUVs for the first time at the Texas State Fair; Texas sports some of the best SUV sales in the nation.

The Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer are receiving two each of special editions. The Expedition models are called the Expedition Stealth Edition and the Expedition Texas Edition, while the Explorer models are the Explorer Limited Luxury Edition AND Explorer Desert Copper Edition.

The special additions feature mostly visual and aesthetic upgrades. For example, the Stealth Edition boasts a number of gloss-black features, while the Limited Luxury Edition boasts an upgraded leather interior. The Texas Edition adds sports new 22-inch wheels and new badging, while the Desert Copper Edition is outfitted with an updated interior augmented by copper highlights.

According to the company, Ford’s largest market for domestic SUV sales is Texas. To complement the state’s outstanding (and growing) sales, the company has released four new special edition SUVs that will provide even more options for drivers in the top SUV state.

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