Ford Edge Aided by AI

Ford vehicles have remained some of the best-selling on the market for a variety of reasons. Two of the main reasons are that these vehicles are known for their dependability and performance. Every driver has characteristics that they are looking for in a vehicle. Many of these drivers do look for dependability and performance, yes. However, a large population also looks for the most technologically advanced vehicle.  

Ford is able to answer this call as well. The company is continually advancing the technology in the interior and under the hood of their vehicles. The new 2019 Ford Edge will be a good example of the company’s push towards new technologies. The 2019 Ford Edge, as well as its ST model, will feature artificial intelligence.

This system is new for Ford and will help to improve driver experience. The system is called all-wheel-drive disconnect. The purpose of this new system is to work faster than the driver can to implement all-wheel-drive when necessary. AWD is a useful tool and can make driving in less than ideal circumstances easier.

All-wheel-drive disconnect is able to sense changes in the road and automatically switch to AWD when needed (and out of the mode when it is not). This is done through a number of sensors along the vehicle. Not only will this AI allow for a more seamless drive, it will also help the new Edge receive better gas mileage. Very soon, this smart versatile vehicle will be on the road, enhanced with the power of artificial intelligence.

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