Ford’s Wagner Place Receives Updates

For Ford, there is much more than making and selling automobiles. Ford, as a company, is very invested in their employees and the surrounding communities. This is why the company has put considerable time and effort into Detroit neighborhoods; to bring positive change to the communities and their residents.

One way the company has done this is by building Wagner Place. This is a state-of-the-art urban development project that was established by Ford Land. Wagner Place features office space for 600 employees, with the ground floor designed to hold restaurants and other tenants.

Wagner Place, located in Dearborn, Michigan, will serve as the home for Ford’s data and analytics employees, while also serving as an epicenter for community development. According to, Dave Dubensky, chairman and CEO, Ford Land, is excited to see how Wagner Place helps the community, saying “We are committed to the city we have called home for years, and proud to play such a role in offering even more to the community.”

Both Ford employees and local residents will have access to the restaurants and other businesses in Wagner Place. A few of the incoming tenants include a brewery, fitness center, and barbecue chain. While Wagner Place will serve as a center for important for work and research, it is designed to be a hub for community development and growth.

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