Ford's Chariot Service Launches in London

The face of the transportation and automotive industry is constantly changing. This is most apparent in cities and urban areas. Automakers and vehicular engineers have, for generations, combatted the lack of space that accompanies urban living. For a long time, the answer was public transportation, whether that be a bus, train, or subway.

However, as time passes and technology advances, the future of mobility changes as well. Many of these changes are made in response to the desires and needs of residents within these urban settings. It is up to automakers to respond to these desires in order to alter mobility.

Ford has heavily invested in future mobility in Europe. This can be seen clearly in London, where the company has launched a transportation fleet. The service is called Chariot and is constructed to provide comfortable and ideal transport in a city location. The fleet is made up of Transit vans equipped with 14 seats, and some amenities.

In addition to air-conditioning, the Chariot fleet is also outfitted with Wi-Fi. The goal of the Chariot fleet is not to provide competition for public transportation; rather, the new Ford transportation service is constructed to work with public transportation. The current routes that the vehicles will take are in areas that public transportation is struggling to reach or perform effectively. Eventually, Chariot may spread to other cities, bettering resident mobility.

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