Ford’s Future in Detroit

Automakers are constantly in competition with each other. Companies are always trying to one-up each other. Whether that’s making the strongest pickup truck, or most affordable SUV, or the most powerful muscle car, there’s always competition. Recently, the overarching competition between companies has been the race for advanced technology vehicles, primarily electric and autonomous vehicles.

Ford is among the automakers currently pursuing these technologies. The company has been making great strides in both fields, with successful tests in both technologies. Automakers have been pushing towards cleaner, more environmentally friendly vehicles for a while now. In order to test both autonomous vehicles and electrically powered vehicles, the test area must be carefully selected. Ford decided to go with the city where the company got its start.

The company made the decision to transport its electric, and its self-driving autonomous vehicle development teams to Detroit. This move allows Ford’s development teams to get out and test the vehicles in an ideal location. Many automakers believe the future of mobility in cities revolves around electric vehicles. Testing the performance in Detroit

The development teams are being moved, specifically, to the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. The company will face challenges in developing future technology for city drivers. However, the future of mobility likely lies with electric and autonomous vehicles. Ford will pursue the future in the city where it got its start.

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