Ford Unveils Vision For New Corktown Campus

Ford Motor Company unveiled their vision for Ford’s new Corktown campus on June 19, a campus which will serve as the company’s central location for the development of future transportation technologies. The company will be dedicating the campus to the development of electric and autonomous vehicles, setting the stage for the Corktown location to truly be Ford’s headquarters for developing the future of automotive technology.

Ford introduced their plans for the campus — which is centered around the Michigan Central Station, now owned by Ford — during an event at the historic former train station.

The Corktown campus will span over 1.2 million square feet, and include the Michigan Central station, the former Detroit Public Schools Book Depository, the site of a former brass factory, a refurbished factory and two acres of vacant land. Approximately three-quarters of the land will be used by the company and its partners, with the other quarter dedicated to community, retail and residential uses.

The campus will house approximately 2,500 Ford employees, with space for 2,500 employees of Ford partners to allow for collaboration on joint projects. Ford employees have already been hard at work in Corktown, as the company has been working on the development of electric and self-driving vehicles in the refurbished factory the company had already purchased.

Ford is billing the campus as the company’s hub for “the future of transportation,” and their plans appear to underscore the property’s future uses.

“The new Corktown campus will be a hub where Ford and its partners will work on autonomous and electric vehicles, and design urban mobility services and solutions that includes smart, connected vehicles, roads, parking and public transit,” the company said in a statement.

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford said that the company wants to help write the next chapter of Detroit’s story as the company prepares to develop their latest technological projects in the historic Corktown neighborhood.

“Michigan Central Station is a place that in many ways tells the story of Detroit over the past century,” Ford said. “We at Ford want to help write the next chapter, working together in Corktown with the best startups, the smartest talent, and the thinkers, engineers, and problem-solvers who see things differently – all to shape the future of mobility and transportation.”

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