Ford Introduces New Technology For Fleets

Throughout the country, both law enforcement and companies (large and small) utilize Ford vehicles to conduct their business. In many cases, these law enforcement departments and businesses form fleets of vehicles. Whether these fleets are three vehicles, or 30, managing them can be tough. This is why Ford has introduced two new products to increase efficiency among fleets.

Ford has been a trusted provider of fleet vehicles for decades and has been the leader in the field for over 30 years. The two new products that Ford Commercial Solutions is launching should help fleet owners to maintain more control and awareness over their fleet.

The first new technology is a Data Services product. With this product, fleet owners can tune in and see how efficiently their vehicles are running, including OEM-grade data. Owners can check the vehicle’s GPS location, mileage, fuel use data, vehicle health alerts, driver behavior among an assortment of other items.

Just as Ford has been trusted for commercial fleets, the company has also been the go-to for law enforcement fleets. The second product, designed specifically for law enforcement, works similarly to the first. Data is collected through the Data Services product and can be accessed through a website. Additional information collected includes carbon dioxide emissions and driver seatbelt usage.

These revolutionary products are not exclusive to new vehicles; a plug-in option is available to vehicles made after 2012. For fleet operations, Ford is streamlining the process.

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