Ford Helps New Drivers in Saudi Arabia

There are many holidays that people around the world celebrate each and every day. On the large scale, some of them are considered very small, while others gain national or global attention. March 8 was International Women’s Day, and women from all walks of life recognized the holiday. March 8 was also the day Ford held its Driving Skills for Life for Her in Saudi Arabia.

Driving Skills for Life for Her is a program that teachers new woman drivers the fundamentals of driving. This event covered the basics of driving, while touching on specific incidents that these new drivers may face on the road. This education is very important, especially when you consider that these students have no experience in driving.

Until very recently, it was illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia. Now that it is legal, women in the country are eager to exercise their new right. In order to do this, however, they need to learn the basics. Ford’s Driving Skills for Life for Her was held at Effat University, and saw over 250 women in attendance.

Jim Vella who is the president of Ford Fund, said this about the event, “This program is designed to help young women feel safe and confident behind the wheel for the first time, and with it, we look forward to welcoming a new generation of women to the driver’s seat.” The program is only in its first year, and should continue to help new drivers for years to come.

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