Fire Does Little to Deter Ford

In the beginning of May, Ford faced a major setback. A fire at the Meridian Magnesium Products facility in Eaton Rapids, Michigan caused Ford to cease its production of the F-150. Meridian produces key parts that are used in the manufacturing of several Ford vehicles, including the F-150. While this fire seemed like it would severely damper the company’s production capabilities, Ford was able to come out on top.

Less than two weeks after the fire, Ford has resumed production of the celebrated F-150. This may come as a surprise to many; the company returned to production much quicker than expected. While the momentary hiatus in production was expected to have little effect on customer ability to purchase new F-150s, the rapid return of production means customers won't have to worry at all.

Getting the F-150 back into production in a little over a week was no easy task. Among the steps taken to get the F-150 back on the assembly line, one task seemed almost insurmountable; moving an 87,000 lb. die across the Atlantic Ocean. The die is important to the production process of Ford vehicles.

With the Eaton Rapids location inoperable at the time, Ford moved the die to a Nottingham, U.K. location. With the change in location, the company was able to get the production process up and running much earlier than estimated. The speed and efficiency in which Ford dealt with this issue shows the company’s dedication to

providing a superior product and superior service.

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