Ford Develops Future Technology In Corktown

Technology has long been the driving force of innovation and development within the automotive industry. In fact technology and innovation are intertwined; sometimes technology pushes innovation, while on other occasions innovation leads to strides in technology. Technology has changed and adapted in the industry constantly. The new innovations that are driving the automotive industry are electric and self-driving vehicles.

While your standard gasoline-powered, person-operated vehicle is still the most common option, this is likely to change. Electric vehicles and those that are self-driving will soon become much more common. Companies like Ford are working tirelessly to not only develop these vehicles, but to make them available to the public.

In line with Ford’s plan to ramp up development of these alternate-style vehicles, the company has opened up a new location in Detroit, in the Corktown neighborhood specifically. The location of the new facility is significant for more than one reason. The location is historic and draws back to where the company found its start. In addition, the location is perfect for testing both electric and self-driving vehicles.

Despite how rapidly the automotive industry can change, it appears that electric vehicles are a likely route for the future of the industry. Ford has invested heavily into electric vehicle development, pledging more than $11 billion to worldwide development. In a changing industry, the new Corktown Ford facility may be at the center of it all.

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