Fall Road Trip Ideas

Fall can be one of the best times of year to take a road trip. During the summer, vacation spots are often crowded, and the weather can often be a limiting factor. However, travelling during the fall can offer much less stress and competition.

If you’ve never taken a trip in the fall, you may be wondering what some of your options may be. There are hundreds of different opportunities, and below are just a few.

Don’t Rule out the Beach

Traditionally, beach vacations are reserved for the summer. This makes sense, as it is typically the only time that the water is bearable, at least in the northeast. However, fall can be a great time to go back to your favorite shore retreat.

In addition to being less crowded, beach towns will offer much more affordable lodging prices. Even if the water is a little chilly, there’s still plenty of entertainment at the shore, including fishing, shops, restaurants, and plenty of beach space.

Visit the Poconos

The Poconos region in Pennsylvania is a spectacular destination spot during the fall. As the area is very mountainous, you will be exposed to beautiful sights as the leaves begin to change their colors.

With a wide assortment of lakes, trails, and amusement attractions, the Poconos can provide plenty of entertainment during the fall months.

Remember the Cities

Cities on the east coast are a great destination to travel to during the fall. In addition to spectacular sights in the likes of Boston, cities often sport a wide variety of festivals during the fall. No matter when you visit in the fall, chances are that NYC or Boston will have something unique going on.

The fall can be a wonderful season for travelling, with a wide variety of different vacation options. Where will you go this fall?

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