Ford Experiences Stellar Sales

Despite the necessity of transportation, the automobile industry is full of ups and downs, spikes and recessions. The industry in recent years has been turbulent, with many companies experiencing significant losses in sales. There are many reasons for the decrease in sales, but key among these are the economy and changes in consumer preference.

Even though the automotive industry has had its ups and downs, Ford has been having some stellar sales. In fact, this August was widely an improvement over last year. This is due largely in part to the quality of vehicles that Ford produces. Not only are they top notch, they are what the consumer is looking for.

Consumer interest has changed, and whereas customers used to prefer smaller cars in the past, they now prefer the larger, more spacious pickups and SUVs. Fords emphasis on these two sectors shows, and according to the company’s release, sales in August increased for trucks by over 5% and SUVs by over 20% from last year.

The Ford F-series and the company’s van sales reached a fifteen-year high. The only low point is that Ford car sales as a whole decreased. Altogether, however, the company sold over 4% more vehicles over the previous year. In a market that can be increasingly difficult to maneuver, Ford SUVs and trucks forge the way to a thriving summer.

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