Ford Calls for Clear Self-Driving Signaling

Technology is constantly changing and advancing. This is perhaps most evident in recent years. The still-young 21st century has been filled with rapidly advancing technology that continually exceeds its predecessors. While this advancement shows itself in many fields, one field in which it is particularly clear is the automotive industry.

One such technological advance is autonomous technology. These advanced systems allow vehicles to drive themselves, completely without a driver. Ford has been spearheading research and development into these vehicles. The company believes that self-driving vehicles may be the answer to some of the nation’s mobility issues, like traffic in cities.

With new technology, new problems often arise. In the absence of a human driver, there is nobody to signal what the vehicle is doing (starting, stopping, yielding, etc.) This proves a problem, and one that needs to be solved in order for autonomous vehicles to make their way into the mainstream. This is why Ford is calling a standard self-driving vehicle language.

Ford is not the only company working towards developing self-driving vehicles for America’s streets. This is why Ford has called all of automakers to develop a standard for exterior signaling on self-driving vehicles. The company has already tested utilizing a strip of lights above the windshield that notifies pedestrians and other vehicles of the autonomous vehicle’s intent.

Though self-driving vehicles are not yet fully integrated into the driving force, they are getting closer daily. Ford is interested in working with other companies to develop a system of lights that clearly indicates what a self-driving vehicle is about to do. This way, once these vehicles are on the road, the transition is seamless.

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