Ford Brings New SUV to China

Over time, a very large automotive has developed in China. In fact, the country now has the largest single market in the world. For automakers, this means that China is a land of opportunity, where advancements and vehicular developments can be made. Ford has been invested heavily in the market in China, and recently has released a brand-new SUV to the country.

New to the Chinese automotive market is the Ford Territory. The Territory is a mid-size SUV that exemplifies the company’s vision for the future. Ford has become very focused on SUV production and manufacturing; this is especially evident by the shifting focus in the American market. The Territory, however, is built for new customers in emerging cities in China.

To succeed to the extent that Ford has, especially in a multitude of markets, the company has had to partner with others in order to provide the best possible vehicles. The Territory is a product of a partnership with Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC). The pair have built the Territory to appeal to certain individuals in the country.

Peter Fleet, president, Asia Pacific and chairman & CEO, Ford China, was quoted on about this customer appeal. “Territory is a key proof point for how we will grow in China. We brought Territory to market with speed, high quality and cost efficiency. It will be affordable for young families and new buyers across China, not just the coastal mega-cities. And the technology will delight customers.”

The new Ford Territory, sleekly designed, is also available as a hybrid and plug-in option. The SUV will be the choice for many new drivers in the country.

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