The 2019 Ford EcoSport: Big Performance in a Small Package


The 2019 EcoSport makes an affordable statement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading out on the town, taking a road trip through the mountains, or picking the kids up after class, the 2019 EcoSport will help you do it in style. This compact crossover with youthful looks packs a bit of performance too, so rest easy while you sit at that red light on the hill. Throw in the standard safety features and the EcoSport becomes the most ideal affordable vehicle for any modern driver.



The EcoSport may be affordable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t come with all the features you want. The available power moonroof with sunshade comes standard in the SE, SES, and Titanium models. With the touch of a button you can let in some sunlight or the cool moonlight. The EcoSport is all about enjoying the world around you and making every drive a delight.



Let’s talk about some style in the least expected place. The EcoSport features a unique swing gate with hideaway latch that adds a playful dash of fun that shows off your up-for-anything style. There’s just something about the unexpected opening of the hatch that really makes the EcoSport stand out even when it’s standing still — not to mention loading groceries is a breeze.



Another standout feature is the available full-color 8-inch touchscreen on the dashboard. It pairs with your smartphone and it works just like it! Swipe, pinch, navigate, play your favorite tubes, and make calls with it. The integration of the screen makes the EcoSport a modern mobile that will stay with you for years to come.


The 2019 Ecosport is also adaptable. The trunk has reconfigurable cargo space that’s perfect for anything. Whether it’s all the camping supplies, dog food, or car care products they will have a spot in the trunk. There are 30 standard storage compartments! Once you’re all loaded up and ready to go just swing the gate closed and get on your way.


Something else standard in the EcoSport is confidence. You can’t plan for everything, but the EcoSport is ready for it all. With a variety of advanced technology youy will have the tools to get by in any road conditions. The first sign of darkness and the headlamps automatically come on, a drop of water and the wipers get to work, and when things are extra slippery the available 4WD takes care of everything.


The 2019 EcoSport is affordable, efficient, compact, and ready for anything, so what are you waiting for? Test drive this small package performer today.

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