What To Bring When You Go Off-Roading

So you’re headed off the road? You have your truck and you’re excited, but do you have everything you need? There are lot of obstacles beyond boulders when you go off-roading, you could get stuck, break down, or need to replace a tire. No matter what happens, if you follow this packing list you will be sure to have an awesome off-roading experience

A Recovery Kit

Sometimes you get stuck, that’s just part of off-roading, but a good recovery kit will make getting out of any situation a cinch. It’s important to make sure you’re buying a kit of the utmost quality, recovery can be dangerous because of the massive forces, and intense loads.

Also, make sure to keep your kit somewhere handy, maybe the passenger seat — if you’re stuck you won't want to wade around in the mud to grab it from the bed.

Remember, you should inspect your kit regularly; it is very important that there is no wear or tear on your kit.

A Work Light

If you run into a problem after dusk you could be in for even more trouble. A quality work light will make your life a lot easier. Your smartphone has a flashlight sure, but you need something that you can use hands free inside, outside, and under your 4X4.


Don’t you wish you could just drive out of that mud without bothering with a winch? Well, Maxtrax make that possible, they’re essentially portable traction. You place them under your wheel shift to your lowest gear and press on the gas. It’s usually just that easy. They’re built by 4X4 enthusiasts, so you know you can trust the product.

An Air Compressor

To get the right traction over snow, sand, and mud you have to lower your tires PSI, but what do you do when you get back on the road? You can just drive around at 20 PSI, it could damage your wheels. That’s where an air compressor comes in. You can get a small air compressor that connects directly to your 4X4’s battery and goes to work. Don’t risk damaging your expensive wheels.

A Tire Repair Kit

Sometimes no matter what you do your tires get damaged, it’s the most commonly damaged component when off-roading. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable tire repair kit. They’re easy to use and are the perfect solution to tire damage.

You can never pack to much when you’re going off-roading. What’s important is that you bring everything you need to stay safe and have a great time.

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