Ford Debuts its Prototype Lane-Keeping Bed

Remember when Ford showed us their high-tech crib that mimicked the sounds, movements, and sights of a night time car ride? The crib was supposed to be the ultimate emulator for that peaceful sleep babies fall into during a night time drive. Now, Ford has unveiled its prototype Lane-Keeping Bed so that adults can get in on the high-tech sleeping experience.

While this bed doesn’t simulate a car ride, it does something that might make for an even better nights sleep: it keeps your partner on their side. The Lane-Keeping Bed uses inspiration from the motor company’s Lane-Keeping Aid that’s available in their modern vehicles to create a bed that will keep “selfish sleepers” from taking up too much space.

The angular innovation uses a revolving mattress with pressure sensors to automatically adjust when someone starts to take up too much space. The spot shows a man roll too far into his partners space, and just as he does the bed shifts to give her the space she lost back! There’s essentially an unseen line down the middle of the bed that triggers the shift whenever it’s crossed.

The inspiration behind this “intervention” is just as amazing. Lane-Keeping Aid in Ford’s vehicles works to protect the driver from unsafe conditions on the highway. If the driver starts to leave their lane and creep into another, the smart technology adjusts the steering wheel putting the car back inside the proper lane.

Lane-Keeping Aid is available in Ford models now, but we don’t know when the Lane-Keeping Bed will be available, if ever.

Check out the video here, and be sure to take a look at their Noise-Cancelling Kennel too!

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