Ford Names New Leader of Global Government Relations

On February 18 Ford Motor Company announced the appointment of Mitch Bainwol as Chief Government Relations Officer, effective March 1, he’s also elected been elected a company officer.

Bainwol, 59, will lead a global team to help shape policy and legislation to promote Ford’s business objectives. This includes areas of international trade, the environment, technology, autonomous vehicles, mobility, driver safety, and taxation. As the leader of Ford’s global government relations, Bainwol will direct engagement with governments in a total of 110 markets around the world, essentially wherever Ford does business.

Ford president of Global Operations Joe Hinrichs said,  “We are thrilled to have Mitch lead our talented global team of government relations professionals. Mitch brings significant policy and legislative experience coupled with a vision for the future of this industry that will be invaluable as we work toward our goal of becoming the world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles in a smart world.”

Bainwol certainly does bring significant experience, he’s a 33-year veteran of working with government leaders. He’s also served in a vast variety of leadership goals, including president and CEO for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. Since 2011, Bainwol has been responsible for representing automakers from the U.S., Europe, and Japan on a range of safety, environmental, and technology issues before legislative and executive branches in the U.S.

Born in Munich, where his father was stationed with the U.S. government, he grew ip in Germany, Panama, MAryland, and Thailand. Bainwol is truly steeped in world culture. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in government from Georgetown University as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from Rice University. Along with all his corporate work he’s also been active in a variety of charities and nonprofits.

“Under Mitch’s leadership, our industry has come together to advance an innovation agenda focused on the new and emerging opportunities to increase safety, environment responsibility and the freedom of movement,” Hinrichs said. “We’re fortunate to have someone of Mitch’s experience and deep knowledge of the issues to champion policies that will allow Ford to lead in this new era of transportation.”

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