Ford Launches Smart Lab Retail Concept in Quebec City


Recently Ford opened its First Ford Smart Lab in Quebec City. This is a pilot retail concept that allows customers to interact with and experience Ford products and services in a casual, open atmosphere.


The new Smart Lab at Les Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City is hopefully going to address the changing customer shopping and buying preferences. Today, the shopping method is shifting from just displaying the product alone to a much more holistic customer experience.


Many stores are doing this regardless of industry. The key here is that you’re not just selling a product you’re selling a lifestyle and you’re supporting that lifestyle by presenting it in an atmospheric way to each and every customer. Ford hopes that this new format will draw in more customers and if it works they plan to test new global retail formats similar to Ford Smart Lab.


“As customers’ shopping and buying preferences evolve, so too must the way companies engage with them,” said Robert De Filippo, the company’s global director of in-store retail experience. “Over the last 18 to 24 months we have been testing and learning from a number of different retail concepts, working to improve our customer experience. In looking through the lens of the customer, we learned, for example, that while they prefer to browse online first, they also want a physical experience where they can see, touch and drive the vehicle – and that’s what Ford Smart Lab can provide.”


This year alone Ford has doubled its investment in customer experiences. The company is changing the way it interacts with customers and this is a huge overhaul that isn’t limited to stores. Ford also introduce FordPass rewards which incentivise customers to keep driving Ford and rewards them for their loyalty.


To work, these Ford Smart Labs need to be in high traffic locations with plenty of restaurants, entertainment, and social outlets surrounding them. This criteria is exactly what made Les Galeries de la Capitale such an ideal location. Ford wants Smart Labs to be located in destination spots and eventually become destination spots themselves.


"We want to provide Canadians a different way to experience Ford products and services by offering a friendly, convenient and no pressure approach,” said Mark Richardson, director, Market Representation, Ford of Canada. "Smart Labs enable customers to get close to the product and engage with the brand at a consumer destination with no expectation that they will purchase a vehicle that day. We believe the conversations and experiences in this warm, inviting setting will lead to increased interest from people that may not have been considering a Ford vehicle.”  

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