The Fusion: An Eco-Friendly Vehicle For The Future

Ford has been making great strides to make good on its promise to improve sustainability and reduce its environmental impact. Nowhere is this more evident in the lineup than the 2019 Fusion. The Fusion boasts unmatched efficiency giving drivers the option to go with gas, electric, or a hybrid modes.

The 2019 Ford Fusion has a wide array of features that boost economic and fuel efficient driving, as well as encourage smart driving. In addition to these options, the Fusion holds true to classic Ford capability.

The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive and Electric Power-Assisted Steering allow the driver to easily maintain control in the ever-changing conditions of the road. Gone are the days that hybrid or electric vehicles were seen as fairweather rides that needed to carefully tread in inclement weather. The 2019 Fusion firmly establishes itself as capable of handling the road ahead.

The main draws of the Fusion is of course the incredible efficiency. The Fusion Energi model has several options to maximize fuel economy as well as get more miles for the drive. With the Auto EV mode, the Fusion uses the charged electricity to power the vehicle as much as it can before making use of the gas powered engine. The EV Now and EV Later modes allow the driver to decide when to use that energy. With a full tank of gas and full charge, the 2019 Fusion boasts an impressive 610 miles, so you’re stopping less and driving more.

As an added bonus, the SmartGauge with EcoGuide offers a constant means of tracking how efficiently you’re driving. It can monitor the amount of energy stored by the regenerative braking system which returns the energy normally lost through friction to the battery to give even more efficiency. As you build your efficiency, the leaves on the right side of the screen grow, letting you know how much your driving is helping the environment.

The 2019 Ford Fusion is just one of the most recent advances in Ford’s lineup of increasing efficiency. For those drivers who are looking to go farther on less while not sacrificing the capability and handling you expect from a Ford, the Fusion covers all of your bases. Haldeman Ford Hamilton is your number one destination to test drive yours today.

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