Do You Remember These Forgotten Features?


Our cars have changed a lot of the years, and there are so many features that are all but forgotten. Today we have plenty of new features and amenities to enjoy, but let’s take a moment to remember some of the car features of days past.


Bench Seats


Today bench seats are rarely found in any vehicle, and certainly not as the front seat. Throughout the 80s bench seats were everywhere. You had to special order bucket seats, otherwise you’d almost always get the bench. I remember going out to plow snow in my dad’s Ford Bronco; my brother and I would rub our hands together for warmth huddled on the rear bench seat. Maybe the new 2020 Bronco will feature a bench seat for even more nostalgic appeal!


Hood Ornaments


Originally hood ornaments were solely designed to sit on top of the radiator cap, but they evolved into icons of the brand or sometimes sculptures. Today, a collectable hood ornament could cost more than most of the modern amenities in your car. They are extremely rare and sought after. Ford’s classic 1933 Greyhound ornament is selling on Hemmings for $675!


Manual Windows


Who could forget cranking down their window in a classic car. In fact some of them took so long you still might be trying to get the window back up today. Cranking the window up was really the worst, at least we’re all lucky enough that we didn’t have to crank our cars up. Early cars like the Ford Model T required drivers to crank the engine up to speed before they could go anywhere. Manual windows are one of those features that we certainly don’t miss, but they are undoubtedly unforgettable.


Rear-Mounted Fuel Fillers


Which side is fuel filler on? We’ve all pulled into the gas station the wrong way, but in the 1980s that wasn’t a problem. Fillers were usually in the back of the car, and sometimes they were hidden in the license plate. Fuel fillers moved for a good reason: safety. Today we fill up on the side, because they are far less vulnerable to fire from a rear end collision.


Whip Antennas


Our cars still have antennas, multiple actually. Today there can be up to three: radio, satellite, and sometimes GPS. The difference today — other than how many — is that they aren’t very obvious. Remember the whip antennae of old; who could forget the smiley face toppers? And, how about those retractable motor antennas? Remember how loud the little motor was, and how futuristic it felt to flip the switch to up or down?


Our cars have come a long way, and someday, riding in our self driving cars, we'll look back at Bluetooth, GPS, and heated steering wheels longing for the past.

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