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Ford Transit Helps Feed Homeless in Detroit

Ford has a long history with the city of Detroit. This is the city of the company’s birth, and where it produced untold numbers of Ford vehicles. Even now, Ford is returning production, research, and development back to the Windy City. The connection between the company and city goes beyond automotive production; Ford is continuing to invest and help better the lives of the people living there.

Ford and Ford Fund invest heavily into the city of Detroit. In addition to monetary investment, the company also works to give back through education programs. The company also works with non-profit…

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Do I need my brakes checked?

Drivers depend heavily on their brakes. This incredible tool helps making driving possible. Shouldn’t you make sure that your brakes are in good condition? Worn brakes can spell trouble for drivers.

If you start to see signs that your brakes may be close to wearing out, it’s time to get them changed. Squealing brakes, a shuddering steering wheel, and strange odors are all signs that the brakes need to be changed. Even if you don’t see any signs, it’s still important to have your vehicle’s brakes checked. To learn more about this process, check out…

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Ford Unveils Vision For New Corktown Campus

Ford Motor Company unveiled their vision for Ford’s new Corktown campus on June 19, a campus which will serve as the company’s central location for the development of future transportation technologies. The company will be dedicating the campus to the development of electric and autonomous vehicles, setting the stage for the Corktown location to truly be Ford’s headquarters for developing the future of automotive technology.

Ford introduced their plans for the campus — which is centered around the Michigan Central Station, now owned by Ford — during an event at the historic former train station.

The Corktown campus will…

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Ford and Postmates Promote Self-Driving Vehicles

In the increasingly-advanced automotive industry, one technology stands at the forefront of innovation; autonomous vehicles. Self-driving vehicles are being heavily tested and developed, and soon may be a common sight on the road.

In preparation for such an event, Ford has partnered with Postmates to bring self-driving vehicles to Miami. Ford is utilizing its self-driving vans to make deliveries, and test how customers react. With successful tests, Ford looks to self-driving deliveries in the future.

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Auto Dictionary: What Is A Vehicle’s Suspension?

No matter if you’re in a work-ready pickup truck or a performance-oriented sports car, you’ve felt the effects — and the differences — of a vehicle’s suspension.

A suspension system includes a vehicle's tires, springs, shock absorbers and connecting parts and is designed to connect a vehicle to its wheels and allow the necessary amount of motion between the two. The suspension system contributes to both a vehicle’s handling and its ride quality, making it an extremely important factor in a vehicle’s safety and comfort.

Put bluntly, the suspension absorbs energy from the road. It absorbs…

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The Fully Customizable 2019 Ford Mustang

Ford’s latest iteration of their iconic pony car comes ready to fit the varying preferences of customers, with the creators of the Ford Mustang making the 2019 model fully customizable to fit the needs and desires of drivers everywhere.

The company launched the 2019 Ford Mustang’s build configurator, allowing customers to design their own Mustang to their specific liking. Mustang enthusiasts can choose from various Mustang models, including fastback or convertible styles, with…

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Ford Earns Best-Ever Score in J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Initial Quality Study

Ford Motor Company received their best-ever score in the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Initial Quality Study, a report which measures vehicle quality by tracking the amount of problems that occur within the first 90 days of ownership.

The study found that Ford vehicles had 81 problems per 100 vehicles and that Lincoln had 83 problems per 100 vehicles. The numbers were far below the industry average, which averaged to 93 problems per 100 vehicles in 2018.

Ford attributed their rankings, which have improved for the fifth-straight year, to quality improvements that include enhancements to tech features.


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Ford Introduces New Technology For Fleets

Throughout the country, both law enforcement and companies (large and small) utilize Ford vehicles to conduct their business. In many cases, these law enforcement departments and businesses form fleets of vehicles. Whether these fleets are three vehicles, or 30, managing them can be tough. This is why Ford has introduced two new products to increase efficiency among fleets.

Ford has been a trusted provider of fleet vehicles for decades and has been the leader in the field for over 30 years. The two new products that Ford Commercial Solutions is launching should help fleet owners to maintain more control and…

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Ford Freedom Awards in Michigan Celebrate Black Female Achievement

The 20th Annual Ford Freedom Awards ceremony was recently held May 22nd at the Michigan Opera Theater in the Detroit Opera House. Collaborating with The Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History, the Ford Freedom Awards honor individuals throughout history who have made a positive impact for the African-American community. This year’s theme, “Black Girl Magic,” in particular highlighted the legacy of female leaders and the growing achievements of emerging female activists and entrepreneurs.

The Ford Freedom Award was posthumously presented to honoree Dr. Dorothy Irene Height. Remarked by many - including former President Barack Obama - as the “godmother of…

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Ford Develops Future Technology In Corktown

Technology has long been the driving force of innovation and development within the automotive industry. In fact technology and innovation are intertwined; sometimes technology pushes innovation, while on other occasions innovation leads to strides in technology. Technology has changed and adapted in the industry constantly. The new innovations that are driving the automotive industry are electric and self-driving vehicles.

While your standard gasoline-powered, person-operated vehicle is still the most common option, this is likely to change. Electric vehicles and those that are self-driving will soon become much more common. Companies like Ford are working tirelessly to not only develop these…

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