With the official reveal of both the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 and the incredible 2021 Ford Bronco family, it’s clear that the Ford Motor Company has been focusing on designing off-road ready technology for the modern age.


As Ford’s latest lineup looks to take owners on more far-off adventures than ever before, extremely reliable navigation technology is a must have. Now, with Ford’s all-new SYNC 4 connected vehicle technology, we’ve been given exactly that.


Unlike most popular smartphone navigation apps, Ford’s latest mapping tech is engineered to keep you on the right track even when there’s now cell reception to be found.


This is because Telenav®, Inc, a leading connected-car and location-mapping provider, has recently expanded its relationship with Ford in order to ensure that the latest Ford vehicles are ready to take you anywhere you want to go.


“Customers want connected vehicle technologies to work more like smartphones with real-time, personalized services – and that is exactly what we are offering with Ford SYNC 4 innovations such as Telenav’s navigation system,” said Gary Jablonski, manager, Ford Connected Vehicle Infotainment Systems. “F-150 and Bronco drivers now can get richer, quicker location search results, tow more confidently with custom routes, and keep following off-road trail maps where other navigation systems go dark...”


To take it one step further, this advanced navigation technology is also capable of plotting specialized routing options to ensure your drive is as smooth as possible, no matter what your planning to tackle. 


When towing a trailer, Telenav’s software will construct a route that reduces the amount of sharp turns, narrow bridges, and low overpasses you may encounter. Off-road hobbyists will also receive over-the-air updated trail maps that stretch across all of North America, with more to be added over time.


Specialized options for everyday driving have been covered as well. For F-150 and Bronco owners, this navigation system will constantly update with real-time traffic conditions to provide the absolute fastest routes possible, with alerts for accidents or traffic jams. 


In addition, this technology will also be capable of providing you with information on highly-rated restaurants and can even find you the cheapest available parking once you arrive at your destination. To help minimize distraction, many of these features can be accessed via voice-activation.


“Ford and Telenav are building on a long-term collaboration to help customers get the most out of their vehicles, whether it’s advising F-150 customers to steer around traffic jams to help save time getting to jobs or keeping Bronco off-roaders on track on their exciting adventures,” said H.P. Jin, Telenav Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re proud to be a partner in that with our connected navigation solution and services.”


As stated, this incredible navigation software will be available as part of the all-new SYNC 4 system on the upcoming 2021 Ford F-150 and 2021 Ford Bronco when those vehicles hit dealer lots later in 2020 and early in 2021.


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