Ford Mobile Service in Hamilton, NJ | Haldeman Ford

Ford Mobile Service in Hamilton, NJ | Haldeman Ford

Getting your vehicle serviced regularly is an important part of being a vehicle owner, but it’s also a major source of stress for many people. Finding the time to get your car into the service center can be difficult, sometimes even forcing you to take time off work or rearrange other events in your busy schedule, but putting off your servicing appointments is unsafe and can cause problems with your vehicle down the line. At Haldeman Ford in Hamilton, NJ, there’s a solution to this problem– our Ford Mobile Service Program!

We Come to You

Finding the time to come to us at the service center is part of what makes vehicle servicing such a difficult chore. Instead, with the Mobile Service Program, we come to you! Our technicians will drive out in our mobile service vehicles, equipped with everything they need to tune up your car for its regular maintenance sessions, and perform the service you need at a location of your choosing. You can continue to go about your day uninterrupted, and when you’re ready to get on the road again, your car will be running as smoothly as if it was just in the shop!

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Service Wherever You Are

The Ford Mobile Service Program at Haldeman Ford allows us to bring the service center to you, wherever you happen to be. The location is up to your choice. We commonly do services in people’s driveways or the parking lots of their apartments, but it’s also convenient for some people to have us come to their place of work. They commute there in the morning, and we perform the service during the day so that by five o’clock, their car is ready to go! You tell us the place, and we’ll make sure your vehicle gets the TLC it needs.

Same Service Center Quality

Delivering professional, high-quality servicing to all of our customers is something that we pride ourselves on here at Haldeman Ford, so subpar service is not something you’ll ever have to suspect from our Mobile Service Program. Our Mobile Service vehicles are stocked with every tool our expert technicians need to complete a wide variety of jobs, from oil changes and tire rotations to fluid exchanges and much more. Everything they might need at the service center is right at their fingertips in the Mobile Service vehicle, so almost any routine maintenance is something that we can easily carry out in a driveway or parking lot while you enjoy a normal day!

The Ford Mobile Service Program at Haldeman Ford in Hamilton, NJ is something that you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without. If you’d like to take advantage of this service, make sure to contact our service department to schedule an appointment. We’ll be ready to help you!

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