world premiere spring 2020 for the ford bronco

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Built For Every American


Over fifty years ago, Ford premiered the world's first SUV. The first vehicle built for tough terrain was designed to help everyday Americans, from the farmers and ranchers to those bustling in the city no matter the weather. After thirty years in production, Americans experienced five generations of the Ford Bronco. The iconic two-door SUV was last released in 1996.


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red 1969 ford bronco parked in tall grass
horses standing in a grass field

What to Expect


The Ford Bronco's highly anticipated release will be ready to debut spring 2020. As a teaser to get America hyped up for the return, the Ford Bronco will be returning to the Baja 1000 in Mexico, November 19-24th. As more teasers are released, we know the Ford Bronco will showcase an updated logo, displaying the image of a bucking bronco. Will the logo be the only major update to expect on the new Ford Bronco? Stay tuned!


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