Seeing fluid of any kind of fluid leaking from your vehicle can be worrisome. An oil leak however, can be especially devastating.


Your car’s engine requires clean, smooth oil in order to reduce friction and prolong the life of your vehicle. Without it, your engine can overheat and seize up, and this can be an incredibly expensive and time-consuming fix.


If you notice that your car is leaking oil, it is important to understand why this is occurring so that you can be better informed when the mechanic begins to ask questions. Check out these three reasons your car may be leaking oil courtesy of Haldeman Ford Hamilton.

Damaged Gaskets or Pans 

Located near the bottom of the engine, your car’s oil pans and gaskets can be easily damaged by road debris, rocks, or rough terrain. 


Accidentally striking a hard or shop object while driving can put a hole in your oil pan, leading to an oil leak. In addition, this pan’s gasket, which seals the pan to the bottom portion of the engine block, is also prone to wear and tear.

Bad Piston Rings or Valve Seals 

Piston rings are the important components of your engine that allow it to maintain gas compression between the piston and the cylinder wall. Valve seals on the other hand, are responsible for shielding the engine intake manifold from leaking oil.


When these parts begin to go bad, you may not necessarily notice a leak coming from underneath your car, since your oil pan may still be intact. Nevertheless, if you begin to notice a burning oil smell or a regular loss of oil without a leak, this issue is likely the culprit. 

Improper Installation

Unfortunately, a common reason for motor oil leakage is improper installation. This can occur when oil pan and valve cover gaskets are overly tightened, but it can also happen when tightness is not evenly distributed.


Another part that may have been improperly installed is the oil filter, which should be changed every time you get an oil change. Since engine oil flows continuously through this part, a loose oil filter can definitely result in a leak.


The easiest way to prevent improper installation of any kind is by taking your vehicle to an experienced, factory-certified, service center


At Haldeman Ford in Hamilton, our exceptional service staff has been in business a long time, and we know exactly how to care for and repair your car if you ever run into an issue.

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