Certain smart driving habits can make owning a vehicle much more rewarding. Not only can driving with the right state of mind make owning a vehicle more affordable, it can even make owning a vehicle more sustainable.


At Haldeman Ford in Hamilton, we’re always looking out for our customers. That’s why we’re telling you about these five smart driving habits that will be beneficial for both your bank account and the environment.

Slow It Down!

The first bit of advice on our list seems simple enough, yet many people continue to have somewhat of a heavy foot when it comes to driving.


Speeding is not only dangerous, but it can put extra wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine and transmission as well. In addition, driving your vehicle at excessive speeds will also cause your car to burn fuel less efficiently.


While driving on the highway, it’s usually a good idea to utilize your vehicle’s cruise control feature to maintain a consistent and safe speed.

Practice Good Tire Maintenance 

Your car’s tires are its main point of contact between your vehicle and the ground. As such, they should always be carefully maintained to the best of your ability.


Underinflated tires increase resistance and decrease overall fuel economy. Furthermore, they can make handling more difficult and even increase your risk of an accident caused by a blowout or flat.


Keep an eye on your tires’ tread levels as well, as heavily worn tires are often guilty of the same inefficiency and risk of danger as underinflated tires are.

Avoid Extra Weight 

Not every vehicle is built to handle a lot of luggage or gear. Extra vehicle weight means decreased aerodynamics, which causes your ride to burn more fuel than it otherwise would.


Clean out your car regularly to reduce its overall weight, every little bit helps! In addition, if you’re planning an extended road trip and will need to transport heavy luggage, be sure you are using the best vehicle for the job! An SUV or van is usually best for this type of scenario.

Don’t Pollute! 

In the year 2020, we should all be doing our part to look out for the environment as best we can. When doing your own maintenance or repairs, be sure to properly dispose of materials like used motor oil, antifreeze, coolant, and old batteries.


In addition, it can also be beneficial to have your vehicle inspected for emissions as well. If you find that your vehicle is putting out too much pollution, your mechanic may be able to suggest the best way to fix it. 


Keeping emissions low not only helps the environment, but driving a cleaner car can also save you money on maintenance and fuel costs further down the road.

Adhere To a Routine Maintenance Schedule

Ensuring your car is always operating a peak efficiency requires dutiful maintenance and care. Keeping your ride properly tuned can drastically improve gas mileage, while regular preventative maintenance can keep things running smoothly agt all times. 


A properly maintained car pollutes less and can even help identify problems well ahead of time, ensuring that more costly repairs are kept at bay. Everything from proper oil and filter changes to fluid top-offs and coolant flushes can be extremely beneficial.


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