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Unbeatable On the Roads - The Fast and Furious

The new fleet of Ford Fusion cars has hit the stores in a number of awe-inspiring models, namely - S, SE, Hybrid, Titanium, Fusion Energi SE, and Fusion Energi Titanium. All of them are equipped with cutting-edge technology for delivering a mind-blowing performance.

The EcoBoost engine of the Ford Fusion is a splendid amalgamation of three technologies for maximizing efficiency and performance. The inclusion of an auto start-stop facility in some models further enhances the degree of efficiency and helps in reducing the vehicular emissions.

Unbelievable Performance with EcoBoost Engines

  • This sturdy engine has been constructed using aluminum of the highest grade.
  • It consists of a single turbocharger.
  • There is provision for direct injection of fuel.
  • It also has cooling jets which increases durability.

Apart from these, there are other features accompanying the 1.5L OR 2.0L EcoBoost engines such as a six-speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters, and thumb switches on the knobs used for shifting gears in case of the 2.5L i-VCT engine. The Hybrid I-4 Atkinson-cycle engines are characterized by eCVT.

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Incredible Figures on the Speedometer

The all new Ford Fusion has been specifically engineered to deliver excellent mileage like never before. EPA estimated ratings of the 2016 Fusion Hybrid are 44 for cities, 41 for highways, and 42 for combined mpg. In the all-electric mode, the car can be driven at a speed of nearly 85 mph! In order to boost your driving efficiency, the highly advanced SmartGuage coupled with the EcoGuide provides valuable feedback from time to time which you can check out on the screens fitted on the sides of the speedometer.

There are different modes such as Empower or Engage for keeping you updated with essential information in order to enhance the levels of efficiency. You also get to track the various operations of the powertrain.

Multiple Innovations for Incredible Efficiency and Convenience

The Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid boasts of an extremely powerful and sophisticated lithium ion battery along with a gas engine for greater efficiency. In the all-electric mode, it can cover a distance of nearly 19 miles!

Its regenerative braking system is capable of preserving braking energy for use in future. In case you decide to plug in, the battery can be charged fully in 7 hours with the help of the standard convenience cord. If you are looking for a quicker alternative, you can select the 240V AeroVironment home-charging option.

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Amazing Benefits of the Latest Technology

The rear view camera which happens to be a standard feature in all models, transmits images of the road behind you for your safety.

The voice-activated Sync helps you to stay absolutely focused while you are behind the wheel. You can simply use your voice commands for wirelessly regulating your entertainment with the help of the Bluetooth audio. The hands-free calling enables you to receive phone calls and your incoming texts are read aloud. There is also a customizable Wi-Fi enabled touch screen along with 2 USB ports.

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