Placing a Reservation with Haldeman Ford

Reservations and online custom orders are a practice that Ford implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, and although the lockdowns have become less strict, this remote shopping capability has hung around. Getting a new Ford vehicle is now easier than ever with reservations and orders, and it's changed the process of Ford's popular new releases, like the F-150 Lightning or the Maverick. Since the process is still a little new, you might be unfamiliar with how to go about placing a reservation and later converting that reservation into an order, so here's a crash course in the Ford online ordering process.


How to Place a Reservation

Reserving a vehicle ensures that you are on the list to get access to a new Ford model when it becomes available. It prevents you from having to deal with popular vehicles selling out and essentially holds a place for you in line. Although they're made online, reservations are made in connection with your local Ford dealership, like Haldeman Ford Hamilton. This dealership takes your deposit payment and is the place to contact if you want to alter or cancel your reservation.

In order to place a reservation, you need to have or create a Ford account online. Once you log in, you'll input your information and your specifications for the vehicle you want to reserve, select Haldeman Ford Hamilton as your dealership, and place payment for a refundable reservation deposit, which will go towards the cost of the vehicle. After that, you've officially reserved your vehicle!


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How to Place an Order

When your reservation number comes up in the list, you'll be notified by Ford that it's time to turn your reservation over into an order. You'll need to log back into your account where Ford will again confirm your information and vehicle specs, verify Haldeman Ford Hamilton as your authorized Ford dealer, and take an order deposit, which goes directly to the dealership. After that you've officially placed your order!


What's the Difference Between a Reservation and an Order?

Reservations and orders are not quite the same thing when purchasing a new Ford. Both are completed online, both take deposits, and both are completed before you'll actually receive your vehicle, but the reservation is just a confirmation that you do eventually want to place an order for a vehicle. It's easy to cancel and refund, whereas the cancellation process for an order is a bit different and you might not get a full refund depending on the timing. You can also change your vehicle specs when you change your reservation to an order in case you change your mind, giving you a bit more flexibility and time to decide what you want.


Placing reservations and custom orders is one of the best ways for you to get a brand new Ford vehicle that perfectly fits your specifications without any hassle. If you live in the Trenton, NJ area, Haldeman Ford Hamilton is your local Ford dealer and we are ready to help you with your order! Contact us here if you need more guidance about the reservation and ordering process.

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