Did you know that in the United States, approximately 20 percent of all polluting emissions are produced by personal vehicles? While this certainly isn’t an easy statistic to hear, we all need our cars.


On the bright side, there are a few things you can do personally in order to reduce the emissions coming from your vehicle. Check out three of them right here courtesy of Haldeman Ford Hamilton!

Use the Correct Engine Oil 

One of the simplest ways to not only reduce the emissions of your vehicle, but to also ensure the health and longevity of your engine is to use the correct engine oil for your car.


Every vehicle manufacturer recommends specific oil guidelines for every model they produce. Usually, this information can be found in your car, truck, or SUV’s owner’s manual. However, if you don’t have access to the manual, a professional mechanic or sometimes even a simple internet search will give you the proper guidelines.


If possible, always opt for high-quality or fully synthetic engine oil. Typically, these blends are easier on the environment.

Avoid Prolonged Idling 

On average, every hour that your vehicle’s engine sits idle, roughly a gallon of fuel is wasted on nothing. That’s 2.13 ounces per minute!


For every gallon of fuel that is burned by your car, approximately 17.68 to 22.38 pounds of C02 is released! As you can imagine, this isn’t especially good for air quality!


Whenever possible, be sure to avoid leaving your car idling for prolonged periods of time. Typically, in most modern vehicles, turning off the engine and then restarting it actually burns less fuel than leaving the engine running.

Have Your Car Serviced Regularly

Regular car maintenance and automotive service is always a good idea. In the case of emissions, keeping your car operating at peak performance is actually a great way to guarantee that you’re always burning as little fuel as possible.


Regular auto service is essential for both safety and performance. To keep your car in mint condition, don’t hesitate to contact the service center at Haldeman Ford Hamilton online, by phone, or in-person today to schedule your next service appointment with us!


We look forward to assisting you!

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